1. vinebox:

    HAHHAAHHAH a sea lion trying to eat my hand

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  2. suzuharatoji:

    please look at this picture of michelle obama and sportacus


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  3. sixpenceee:



    omfg reblogging till the end of time

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  4. bloody-nips:

    when you accidentally make a baby cry and you don’t know what to do to get it to stop


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  5. skeeterdayz:

    when yo friend is considering watchin yo favorite show


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  7. thecutestofthecute:

Deploying bun. Bloop.


    Deploying bun. Bloop.

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  8. littlemisspaintbrush:

    Because watermelons!! >3<

    Tried a different style here heheheh (=▽=) It’s summer here and I’m stuck in staycation. ;3;

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  9. refrgerator:

    whenever i see a frog on a lily pad im like yeah man… thats exactly where youre supposed to be

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  10. prevalere:

    you know how in some movies the bride/groom calls off the wedding to be with the person they truly love and then they live happily ever after well it’s pretty shitty that the person they were getting married to doesn’t actually get a happy ending but no one seems to care about it to the point that he/she is not even mentioned afterwards as if that person didn’t exist or had feelings at all yeah just a thought

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